The pork butcher workshop

The production phases

The skills of the artisans at IL GELSO agritourism (Fabriano) is measured also in terms of their profuse knowledge of the meats of our production.

IL GELSO agritourism is proud to be a part of the Consorzio Produttori del Salame di Fabriano (consortium of producers of the Fabriano salami). Among the salamis made by our team, the Salame di Fabriano is the top line product of the Marche pork butchery.

The term ‘norcineria’ (pork butchery for pork cold cuts, salamis, etc.) indicates the highly skilled butchers specialized in pork cuts and whose ability has been nationally renowned in all of Italy. The term "Norcineria" also means the art of butchering and preparation of meat cuts so as to preserve them over time.