typical Fabrianese gastronomy and Marche dishes

The atmosphere and furnishing are an important part when choosing a restaurant to answer your needs! The IL GELSO agritourism restaurant comprises three convivial rooms and a large glassed and enclosed portico. It is also possible to eat al fresco.

The chef Emanuela proposes an appetizer with "crescia" (pizza-like bread) and our own cold cuts, accompanied by field chicory or pan tossed vegetables with garlic, hot chilly or dressed with lemon or vinegar.

The pasta is strictly homemade; a must are the “pincinelle alla boscaiola” which is a short pasta made with flour, water and yeast (without egg); “tagliatelle al ragù” (tagliatelle with a meat based tomato sauce); and the Marche very classic “vincisgrassi” (a traditional local recipe for lasagne). For the main course our savoury pork dish “maiale in porchetta” merits a taste.

Among the house desserts you’ll find the tiramisu, jam tarts, tozzetti (almond dry biscuits), panna cotta (cream pudding), ring shaped cake and aromatic dry doughnut shape aniseed biscuit.